Another Pens-Caps Game, Another Tom Wilson Headshot

Another Pens-Caps Game, Another Tom Wilson Headshot

The Pens lost. Series belongs to the Caps right now. Pens got Geno and Dump back but still no Hags. Oh and look another “accidental” hit to the head by Wilson.


Watch what the linesman does here;


He turns away and doesn’t even watch the hit. No wonder Wilson didn’t get a penalty here as the lineman didn’t even see the hit. He was too busy skating away. Again the player Wilson hit was near another Caps player.


Vice President of Player Safety George Parros, someone who isn’t from the old school old boy network, has said;

“he intended to crack down on “non-hockey plays” that have nothing to do with affecting the course of the game.”


So the NHL hid behind the part of Rule 48.1.iii Sunday that states: “whether the opponent materially changed the position of his body or head immediately prior to or simultaneously with the hit in a way that significantly contributed to the head contact.”


So NHL Department of Player “Safety” tweeted out an explanation for why P**s-drinker Wilson will not be suspended after the hit Sunday;


That is not the case this time. Zach Aston-Reese was looking at him and squared up. No turning, no bracing backwards, or looking at another player.


Let’s see what our old (and slightly out of date) friend NHL Wheel of Justice says because how else could we make a consistant call;


Feel free to click the link above and try out your own spin (spoiler alert! it will come out the same.)

Playoff chart from downgoesbrown.


The playoffs have always had a seperate set of rules for calls then the regular season but this the officials have been missing calls in every series. It’s down right horrible between the missed goal and no call on Wilson, it’s just pathetic. Also there seems to be a history of this……



Something else that was pointed out 2016 Oprik takes out Maata, 2017 Nisky takes out Sid and gives him a concussion, and now 2018 Wilson takes out ZAR?


Barry Trotz after the game;

The joke has been made several times about Trotz lack of a neck. He doesn’t understand that other humans have necks that distinguish their heads from their torsos easier so a hit to the head isn’t the same with them;


It’s a good thing Trotz and Parros weren’t in charge of the Warren Commision or who knows what they would have determined;


Oh well. Game 4 is Thursday. Another chance for the Caps to Cap.




So as WFA81 pointed out that the word selection is interesting. “Illegal check.” Maybe some telling of how they feel.


**Update 2;

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