A Capital Can’t Change it’s Stripes

A Capital Can’t Change it’s Stripes

1st recap of the year was gracious and excellently put together by BDF. If you would like to do a recap let me know!


I’m writing this first part at 7:07 pm.  The game hasn’t begun.  It’s a reminder to all of us that this game is not important in the grand scheme of things. Sure I want to win, but I am not going to get jammed up at game 1 of 82.  That said, ask me again about this at 10 pm tonight when I’ll either be really jacked up and happy or pissed off.


On to the game Let’s gooooooooooooooooooooo.


I’ve already muted my TV. For those of you not in the know, I live in Virginia and have to watch on the Caps local channel. Thank Mario that NHL TV doesn’t black out radio feeds. I lasted as long as a 16-year-old virgin fucking a prostitute – 11 seconds.


First Period


THE BIG RIG – just as well all predicted – first goal from J. Oleksiak less than 2 minutes in. 1-0


Crisp passing set up a BEAUT goal.


Pens passing looks mid-season form.


Crosby almost buries one, good save….it could be 3-0 right now. Holtby pulled that one out of his ass.


Caps tie it at 1. Vrana.  Next, TJ Oshie – no call on Maatta – maybe a hold? Fuck it, shit happens……. aaaaand speaking of shit happening – 2-1 Caps almost instantly…Brooks effing Orpik’s first goal since 2010 (ok fine, 2016 to be accurate).


Power play- Nisky to the box for interference at 6 something.


Pretty sloppy and then Jake buries a sick Sprong pass just as I’m about to write about how shitty this PP looks. 2-2


3-2 Caps as OV tips one in….not sure where any of the D was there.  Letang might as well have gotten a popcorn and a drink.


Remember when I said the passing was good?  Yeah, good times…it’s been meh for the last 6 minutes.


Caps hit a post with a little more than 8 left….whew.


Ol 29er comments about turnovers – agree completely, it’s been sloppy.


Murray has been bad, and he’s not getting much help.


The turnovers, getting outworked, lack of communication. For a game that could have been 3-0 Pens could now be about 5-2 Caps.


Remember when I said the passing was just meh?  yeah, about that….terrible.


29er says he counted 5 turnovers in a 40-second span around 2 min mark.


Horn sounds 3-2  Caps at end of 1.


Second period


Period starts and the Pens kill the penalty.




Pens look a little faster, but still a bit messy.


Caps get first decent shot 3 mins in, save MM.


Turnovers galore leads to a Carlson goal – 4-3 Caps.


PP to the Caps, MM makes a few good saves.


No one seems to be able to transition from D to O


7 Mins in – hooking on Eller, Pens to the PP


PP fail.


Full strength – Jake misses a layup – can’t tell if miss or ridic save.


Pens get a breakout, but a horrific pass by Phil leads to a 3-1 and MM makes a save.

Very lucky it’s not 5-3.


Jake!!!! 4-4


How in the world is this game tied?  Hockey is a fickle lady.


AND BRASS!!!  5-4 Pens as I was typing up Jake’s goal!


Right back, DSP misses an open net – whew.

PPG Paints with the HOLTBY chants…slightly premature and questionable with 4 goals the other way too.


Glove save MM on Kuzy…….I may snap if he does that stupid bird celly.


Let’s get out of this period up one – please.
The Caps TV crew has shown Casey D like 10 times, which is weird.


horn – 5-4 good guys.



Third Period.


40 seconds in – Connooooolleeeeeeeeeee to the box for a trip.


First minute – uneventful




6-4 Pens!!! Technically full strength


Brass goes down – another penalty – Bowey – whoever that is – hooking – PP for the Pens.


PP – again, a slow start.


A little bit of action, nothing to show for it.


Pens look decidedly less sloppy.


Phil – for a second time, makes a bad pass on an odd-man rush.


I forget that radio isn’t synced with my TV and look up to see Malkin just miss a great chance.


12 mins to go, let’s keep it up.


Vrana slash city – Pens back to PP.


PP was a nothing burger.


MM makes a few nice saves on Nisky.  Dare I say, much better as the game has gone along?


After not turning it over for a long time, a terrible, terrible pass by Geno leads to a goal by Oshie …. 6-5 Pens.


29er says on the radio he thinks 25 turnovers tonight.


Caps score again as I type – possible high stick though


Review…….aaaaaaaaaand it counts?




2 BAD turnovers lead to 2 goals…MM will get all the blame from the clueless.


Pens come back and get a good chance but Jake can’t get it in – as Beeg would say, TWSS.


Pens have an amazing chance with a minute left, Holtby makes the save


6-6 at the end of regulation…OT here we go.




Pens draw a penalty almost immediately…Caps will cry for weeks about the call differential


Great puck movement on the 4 on 3 – LEGAME!!!! PENS WIN 7-6!!!!


Woo, mother of pearl – what a shit show.


Takeaways – 7 for the 7 goals


  1. Phil Kessel?

  1. D pairs looked off – can’t tell if lack of chemistry? rust?  too many bad passes transitioning D to O.


  1. Murray looked both great and awful – the D can’t leave him out to dry like this every game. At the same time, he’s not helping his cause. He still had a better save % than Holtby for those looking for stats.


  1. 7 goals in a sloppy game.  Gave up 6, the first 4 were not great, the last 2 Caps goals – 1 off a turnover and 1 off a deflection. Shit happens, which is why those first 4 goals, some of which were weak, can’t happen.  Also worth noting, the Pens scored within 3 minutes in all 3 periods and in OT.


  1. Brass tonight was the Brass I have been wanting to see.


  1. Jake is a future star of this league, in an ideal world, Sid hands him the C in 5-6 years when he retires.


  1. To quote my late father, “BD, there’s no such thing as a bad win”


Like I said before the game even started, this is not a big deal. I love winning and you bet your ass I’m wearing black and gold around Richmond, VA all weekend. But it’s 1 game, and the Pens have PLENTY of areas for drastic improvement. The rivalry adds a little more emotion to game 1.  I’ll take the win and the 2 points and go to bed with a smile on my face.



On to the next, tighten it up and smash the Habs Saturday.


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